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Project: LEARN offers specialized tutoring programs for students who need assistance in any area of adult basic education.  Our program is supervised by professional educators, who train and assist volunteer tutors in providing flexible, individualized instruction to any students who request our services.  All tutoring services, materials, books and instructional tools are provided to the student free of charge.

Our over 150 volunteer tutors are provided with free training and ongoing guidance by our staff of professional educators.  Volunteers are the heart and soul of our program; the connections they make with our students often persist long after the tutoring process has concluded.

For more information about becoming a volunteer tutor, see our Get Involved page.

ged test preparation program

Students wanting to prepare for the GED examination worry about the math requirements, the writing requirements, and especially the fact that the test is now taken on computers.  Project: LEARN has the tutors and curriculum to address all areas of GED preparation.

Our supervising tutors welcome new students to our program, assessing their strengths and weaknesses and learning their individual stories.  A formal assessment then takes place, so that the tutor can design a curriculum that addresses the individual student’s needs.


During the assessment, the supervising tutor is also getting to know the student, and determining the type of tutor who would be a good match with him or her.  Once the curriculum is designed, our supervising tutor arranges for a match meeting with the student and his or her new tutor.  If the match is favorable, the pair are off and running, creating meeting schedules and session locations that are convenient and comfortable for both individuals.

Throughout the process, the supervising tutor serves as a resource to the volunteer tutor, providing strategies for particular curriculum areas and helping the volunteer best serve the student.  In calendar year 2013, we helped 21 individuals pass the GED examination.


Some of their stories can be found here.

English as a second language program

Students who are not native English speakers run the gamut from new arrivals to the United States with limited English, to degree-holding adults who already speak two or three other languages, but want to pursue certifications in the U.S.  We have programs to serve every level of ESL student.

Students who come to Project: LEARN for ESL tutoring are assessed by our supervising tutors, who also try to discover our students’ particular needs:  are they looking to understand grocery store signs, street signs, and be able to order food in a restaurant?  Are they trying to enter a university and need to do well on the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)?  Is the main issue communication with the schools their children attend?

Once the student is assessed, the supervising tutor can design an appropriate curriculum and match the students with volunteer tutors who can provide him or her with the specific kind of help they need.

From field trips to the grocery store, to “assignments” like “visit the big event on Medina Square this weekend,” our volunteer tutors find ways to help ESL students become more comfortable with English and with everyday life in America.

Hear more about our students’ stories here.


Reading and math tutoring services program

Some adults come to Project: LEARN with a desire for attain more basic educational goals.  Some want to be able to read the Bible or a story to their grandchild.  Others want to improve math skills to pass promotion tests at work.  Some students decide that they want to go to college, but have been out of formal education for many years and want to brush up on their skills.  Whatever the students’ particular needs, Project: LEARN is here to help.

The student meets with our supervising tutor to have a conversation about their goals and objectives.  Once those expectations are understood, the supervising tutor can create an appropriate curriculum and match the student with a volunteer tutor.

Volunteer tutors will often use their creativity to find activities that will help the particular student achieve their goals.  It may involve creating vocabulary drills specific to their workplace, or working with our specialized software to enhance the student’s familiarity with phonics and word recognition.  Our tutors and staff are committed to helping every adult get the basic skill set they need to reach their goals.


Reading and math tutoring services program

Specialized test preparation tutoring services

We frequently work with adult students who would like help in preparing for the State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) test, the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test, and the U.S. Citizenship test.  Project: LEARN’s supervising tutors have the specialized test prep materials and volunteer tutors who can assist each student on his or her path to success.



Other literacy programs

Project: LEARN supports several Little Free Libraries in Medina.  Located on the Champion Creek walking trail and in front of Medina City Hall, the two outdoor Little Free Libraries are a fun way to find and share books with others.  You can leave a book, take a book, or borrow and return a book anytime, as the structures are always open.  And as the name implies, the books are free!  These libraries were built in 2013 by Eagle Scout Corbin Cerny, and are dedicated to the memory of two longtime Project: LEARN volunteers, Jeff Kehnle and Joe Kasa, who passed away in 2012 and 2013. We also support two mobile Little Free Libraries, which are currently housed at Chill Artisan Ice Cream on Medina Square, and Cups Cafe, just north of Medina Square.  These were built by Eagle Scout Devon Fisher in 2017.



Aspire and Project: LEARN of Medina County

Project: LEARN of Medina County has attained the Aspire Grant for the 2021-2022 FY.  We will have more information soon about this great 

achievement and what it will mean for the students of Medina County.