For 38 years, Project: LEARN has provided free, one-on-one and small group tutoring to adults in Medina County who want to improve their skills in reading, math, problem-solving, and English as a Second Language.

We have a Tutor Supervisor based in each of our locations who makes sure that every student who walks through our door gets the help they need.  Once a student is assessed and discusses their goals with the Tutor Supervisor, he or she is matched with a volunteer tutor who has been trained to help students in the area in which they need help.  Volunteer tutors meet with students on a schedule that is convenient for both, working flexibly around family and work responsibilities.  All curriculum, materials and tutoring are provided free of charge to students.

Our services are for adult students, 18 years of age or older.  Here are some examples of the types of students who utilize our tutoring services.


GED Tutoring Services

Tabitha landed in Medina County with her three children in early 2013.  Homeless and without her high school diploma, she had a dream of pursuing a career in the health care field, but the training programs wouldn’t admit a student without a diploma or GED.  Today, Tabitha not only has passed her GED, she passed the State Test for Nursing Assistants and she is on her way to a better life.  And her story continues: when her mother and her mother’s boyfriend witnessed Tabitha’s success, they decided that they wanted to pass the GED test as well, and with their hard work and our tutoring assistance, they both passed the test in the last month of the year.  A whole family’s lives have been changed!

Michael struggled in school, and never completed his high school diploma.  He wants to go to college, though, so he signed up for tutoring in 2011 at our Wadsworth location.  In 2013, Michael passed the GED, and the following week walked in to ask for tutoring assistance so he can ace the ACT and enroll in college, paving the way for a bright future.  Our students know we are there to help in whatever capacity they require; we have counseled several students through the college application process, and we are so proud to see them shine as they pursue their dreams.

In Medina County, about 7% of our adult population, or over 12,000 people, are estimated to not have completed their high school diploma or GED.  Facts Without this credential, work and further educational opportunities are extremely limited.

Project: LEARN provides free, one-on-one tutoring to any adult who seeks to earn the GED.  We assess the student’s capabilities, identify areas for improvement, and design a specialized curriculum to help the student prepare for and successfully pass the GED test.  In 2014, the GED changed to a computer-based testing model, and Project: LEARN has prepared for this new test by updating our materials and increasing the number of computers available for tutoring.  For more information on our GED programming, click here.

English as a Second Language Tutoring Services

Four years ago, Reine came to the United States from Beirut, with a great desire to learn English, both for her own benefit and to help her two “hyper boys” to become better speakers themselves.  She was attending classes at a local career center program that was far away and inconvenient for her when someone told her about Project: LEARN, right near her home in Brunswick.  With hard work and study with her tutor, Reine not only became an excellent English speaker, but passed the GED!  She continues to study with a small group class at The BookShelf in Brunswick, helping other new arrivals to improve their English while polishing her own skills.

Keiko’s husband was transferred to the United States from Japan; while he had a work environment in which to make connections and improve English, she and her children were at home and struggling to adjust to the language and culture.  After her referral to Project: LEARN, her tutor began working with her on basic English, as well as sharing American customs like Christmas trees and collegiate sports.  Her tutor suggested she visit the Akron Christmas tree displays to see how we celebrate the holiday; Keiko excitedly texted her tutor “your nation has a tree!”  She was referring, of course, to the Buckeye Nation, as her tutor had gotten her interested in Ohio State football and the Buckeye Nation of support across Ohio.  Our tutors serve as wonderful ambassadors for our country, our county, and sometimes the “Buckeye Nation,” too.

According to the U.S. Census American Community Survey, the number of Americans who speak other languages at home has been on the rise for the past three decades.  Today, more than 20% of Americans, or over 60 million people, speak a language other than English in the home; over 13.5 million report that they do not speak English well or at all.

In Ohio, some 6.7% of the population, or over 720,000 people, speak a language other than English at home, and over 103,000 report that they do not speak English well or at all.

Currently, Project: LEARN of Medina County serves many individuals with our ESL tutoring services.  During our last fiscal year, individuals originally from 33 different countries or territories, speaking a multitude of languages, received tutoring services to assist them in acquiring basic English, navigating street signs and grocery stores, or improving English grammar and conversation.  For more information on our ESL programming, click here.

Reading and Math Tutoring Services

Tom was doing well at work, but reading safety manuals and other materials for his job made him extremely nervous.  He began working with a tutor at Project: LEARN, and has greatly increased his vocabulary and comfort level with more difficult words.  Our specialized software program and the help of his dedicated tutor have given him the tools he needs to become a much more confident reader. More importantly, his anxiety is lower and he is much happier at work and in his everyday life.

Clyde grew up in a tiny school district in West Virginia, where he struggled as a student but was not given the extra help and attention he needed to succeed.  Dropping out in seventh grade, he was able to find work in various manufacturing jobs, but always felt left behind because he couldn’t read well; his illiteracy embarrassed him.  Due to a referral to Project: LEARN, Clyde was able to become a reader and leave illiteracy behind.

In Medina County, it is estimated that around 6% of the population cannot read or write proficiently.  These individuals struggle with everyday tasks like reading bills, understanding medication labels, and grocery shopping, as well as finding and retaining employment.  Some students come to us with the simple goal of learning to read their Bible verses or reading a story to their grandchildren.  Any students who want to improve basic literacy and math skills can receive specialized instruction at Project: LEARN. For more information on our reading and math tutoring programs, click here.

Specialized Testing Preparation Tutoring Services

We frequently work with adult students who would like help in preparing for the State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) test, the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test, and the U.S. Citizenship test.  Whatever a student needs, we have the materials and volunteer tutors who can assist each student on his or her path to success. For more information on our testing preparation programs, click here.